Overland to Japan

 London to Japan Overland


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The Route

What Route to choose? With two continents to cross there are plenty of routes from England to Japan. It all depends on how long time you have, how much money you can spend and what you want to see. It could take as little as a couple of weeks, to as long as you like and I mean years. Here are sample routes that might give you an idea of what it takes. Remember to always plan your route very carefully and study as much as possible guide books, history books, familiarize with languages along the way and whatever you do, DO NOT go anywhere until you have checked out Horizons Unlimited. 

London to Cape Nosappu via South Korea and Cape Sōya

Map London to Easternnmost point of Japan

London to Cape Nosappu through South Korea: 19.602 Km (12.180 Miles) one way.
The shortest and most boring route - until Mongolia that is.
From Vladivostok there is a ferry to Fushiki in Japan or to Donghae in South Korea.