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The Journal


01 February 2012 - This is the Journal where you will find up to date information about the expedition. Today the website is born and this is where the adventure begins. The expedition will take place in 2013 or 2014 depending on funding and sponsors. If you wish to become asponsor, please contact me.
Sponsors will benefit in having their products mentioned in the book that will follow the expedition, in press releases when possible and appear in photographs that will accompany the paperback book. There is also a plan to publish a photographic book, where sponsors might find their products. Also word of mouth advertising will take place with all motorcyclists encountered along the way and at motorcycle meetings before and after the expedition, such as Horizons Unlimited. motorcyclists are part of a worldwide family whose members benefits from incredible trust in each other and word of mouth is in fact the best form of advertising in this industry.

01 April 2012 - At only two months from its birth, this website has surprisingly reached an incredible ranking with Alexa and it's getting visited by all sort of people from all over the world who are interested in traveling overland from Europe to Japan. I totally didn't expect this and I am amazed... confirming not only that LifeSaver Bottle starter packI am not the only one, but also that there is a great interest in this venture from people all over the world. 

12 April 2012 - Today I had confirmation of the first sponsor! LifeSaver Bottle has decided to sponsor the expedition. This will be an essential piece of equipment, as it will turn any water based liquid into sterile drinking water, 4000 liters of it!

16 April 2012 - AMAZING!!! 931 visits in one single day!!! Today the website has reached an amazing ranking with Alexa: 30.000 in the United Kingdom and 1.000.000 globally. This means that this website is now among the first 3% of the world's websites as far as public interest and value to the internet community; a very unexpected result after only 2 and half months of life!

18 April 2012 - Today 2.539 visits!!! I keep being totally amazed about the number of visitors to this website. It looks like it just keeps going up! Traveling overland from Europe to Asia undoubtedly attracts a lot of attention. It's understandable though... can you think of a more fun and interesting way of discovering two continents?

22 April 2012 - I am speechless: today 3082 visits!

26 April 2012 - I've got some good news for the sponsors: the sponsor's page (Expedition Equipment) comes up numberONE on Google just be searching "motorcycle expedition equipment", while the website comes up number ONE again by searching "Overland Japan" OR "Japan Overland". This is a great achievement that gives fantastic exposure to sponsors.

17 May 2012 - New little achievement: now the website comes up number three on Google by typing "motorcycle expedition around the world".

Abloy Logo31 May 2012 - Today I've got a new sponsor on board: Abloy has agreed to sponsor the expedition by providing the world's safest padlock and I am most grateful, as the security of my motorcycle on the road is paramount. With an Abloy padlock I won't have to worry about anything.

For those who do not know,Abloy of Finland produces the world's most secure padlock, which is virtually unpickable. The problem with padlocks nowadays is not really the strength of them, because modern thieves do not bother braking them... they have learned to pick them and they can be extremely quick and effective in opening a lock. So far nobody has successfully picked an Abloy Padlock. See the full article here.

09 June 2012 - Today I have made a slight change in the route: I will ride through Mongolia instead of going through Russia. It will be a very interesting variation and almost 2000 Km of off road riding to Ulaanbaatar.

21 June 2012 - I have set the date of departure for the first of June 2013, with a plan to return after four months. This way I should cross Mongolia during the last half of June, which is the month that offers a winning combination of sunshine, warmth and no rain. This will be important while riding off road in the middle of nowhere and camping.

14 February 2014 - I suppose it is time to update this journal... sorry for the lengthy delay. Obviously the expedition didn't happen, or you would have seen something here about it. This is due mainly to financial reasons. The expedition will happen, I am determined. I just don't know when. I might have to modify it slightly in order to make it possible, like cutting parts of the route. It is sad to even think of this, but it does take a lot of money to travel such distances. Anyway, I'll never give up and I'll keep you posted. Thank you for the continuing support!