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Extreme Safety
The World's Very Best Padlock and Chain


Abloy PL362 PadlockWe've talked about safety; now let's talk about extreme safety. If you want to be as safe as it is physically possible, you need to get THE world's safest padlock and the world's strongest chain to go with it. With padlocks the story is a bit interesting, because you don't necessarily need to break one in order to open it; you can pick it.

So which is the lock that cannot be neither broken nor picked? After careful consideration and after a few days studying and analyzing different product on the market, I came up with one padlock: the Abloy PL362 from Finland. This lock has an unusual cylinder with rotating disks that is extremely hard to pick and to date this lock has never been successfully picked. Abloy of Finland has produced the world's very safest lock.

If you were a thief and wanted to learn to pick a lock... what would you do? First you would need to get yourself one so that you could practice and learn to pick it. This lock is extremely expensive at GBP 215.00, so chances are a thief would not spend this kind of money in learning to pick a lock he will hardly find around. The only handful of people who will eventually learn to pick this lock are lock picker enthusiasts who show their peculiar ability on YouTube.

Because of the price these padlocks are very rare, so rare that if you order more than 6 they will be custom made to order. This alone is already a big plus, because an uncommon padlock is one that the majority of thieves will not be familiar with and therefore will not tackle.

This lock is the ultimate extreme safety item. The steel cannot be drilled, as it's case hardened and it also cannot be broken with a sledgehammer. The keyhole also cannot be drilled, because there is a rotating disk at the opening.

It has holes for water to drip through, so that ice cannot compromise the use of it. It is equipped with a case hardened boron steel shackle, diameter 15 mm. As I said this lock has never been picked, at least not on camera. It is designed for extreme conditions and paired with an extreeme safety chain, you can be absolutely sure that you will find your motorcycle exactly where you left it. No doubts! Obviously such extreme safety comes at a price and for motorcycle riders it is translated into about 1Kg of extra weight.


When you have a padlock like that, you must have a chain to match and there are plenty of options available on the market. Just make sure your chain is case hardened and that the rings are big enough so that they cannot be easily cut.

I personaly strongly advise you to stay away from a UK based company called Almax, as I've had a horrible experience with their customer service. Read everything about it here.

Almax is NOT the only company providing the highest security chain: try Pragmasis or Elite Security Supplies. They both have better chains of the same size or bigger. Shop around and you'll see.