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Why you should avoid Almax
Series IV Immobiliser 19mm Chain


Almax 19mm Immobiliser chainFirst of all because Almax Series IV Immobiliser 19mm is by far the world's very heaviest chain you can buy - totally inappropriate for world travel.

Secondly, because judging from their customer service, they do not really want to sell it to you. 

Thirdly because the section of the rings are not square but round, providing less strength. 

Then also because there are similar options on the market; Almax is NOT the only company producing security chains.

Lastly because they use a cheap fabric non-waterproof material for enclosing the chain with their advert large and wide on it; with time this fabric will deteriorate and rip, leaving the heavy bare chain to scratch your bike. On top of that this fabric sleeve is held together with two plastic cable ties, one for each side. How cheap is that!


Almax Customer Service

Unfortunately customer service at Almax is all but nice and helpful. In fact they are utterly rude and totally unhelpful and I most sincerely advise anyone to avoid this company altogether, unless you find pleasure in being treated very badly.

I have contacted this company several times via their website and received neither a reply, nor an acknowledgement. After about two months of this, I decided to write a real letter, but the result was exactly the same.

The emails and letters to Almax were informing them that I had build a free custom page on my website dedicated to their products and company with links to their website and they were investigating the possibilities of a sponsorship cooperation.

After two months of waiting for a reply to my real letter I decided to call their office and who then qualified himself as the MD, was the most rude and aggressive person I had ever spoken with. There is no better way to tell you all about it than to actually transcribe the telephone conversation:

Telephone ringing... suddenly a voice starts talking very aggressively without giving me the chance to say even “hello”:


After 5 minutes I called again and the same person answered:

“Hello Almax!”

“Yes, hello, my name is Mike Valeriani. I have been trying to get in touch with you for a long time and I...” – interrupted –

“When! How!”

“Well, I’ve been writing emails and a let...” – interrupted –

“We DO NOT reply to emails! Emails are not recognized as an official way of communicating! You should have sent a recorded delivery letter if you want proof... and it’s this a sale call!?!”

“No, not at all... I was just...” - interrupted –

“That’s the reason! We never reply to emails. Next time send a letter and you'll see the difference!”

“But I did send a real letter in the mail...”


“Well, about two months ago”

“You didn't send any letter because if you did I would have received it. I open all the mail here. I am the MD by the way!”

“Well, I was calling to see if I could have obtained a name and an email address, so that I could write you a letter again; should I address it to you?”

“What... YOU want to write me a letter?!?” – Laugh – “Saying what! What is this all about!”

“Well, I am organizing a solo expedition to Jap...” – Interrupted –



Needless to add anything else. While organizing this expedition I have contacted several companies and every single one has been extremely polite and thankful for what I had offered them free of charge. Luckily this with Almax has been an isolated incident which I will never forget.